Pangaea Zimbabwe Aids Trust

PZAT is a local non-profit organization working to improve the health and well-being of people in Zimbabwe with a special focus on those affected and infected by HIV. We partner with governments, academia, other organisations, private sector, civil society and communities to bring about transformation through provision of quality health care, education and opportunities for meaningful economic participation. We do this by using evidence and research to develop and deliver novel programs that increase access to services, change behaviours and improve lives. PZAT is committed to support progress towards universal health coverage, HIV epidemic control and ending AIDS by 2030.

Strategic direction

PZAT has six main strategic aims:

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Emphasis is on equity and inclusivity to ensure that the right to access quality health services is realised by every human being regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or geography. Reliability and veracity are core values of the organization with a priority focus on effective and efficient use of resources in compliance with the purpose for which they were intended.

Young People and Key Populations

Having access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services is imperative to a person’s health. PZAT provides SRH services to adolescents

Prevention Options For Girls

Zimbabwe is one of the countries hardest hit by HIV, with a national HIV prevalence of 14%.  Adolescent girls and young women are two times as likely to be HIV

Gender, Sexual Identity and HIV

Stigma and discrimination, including internalized stigma, is a major barrier to accessing HIV prevention, care, treatment and support services in Zimbabwe.